SoundPad Live


SoundPad Live is a sound launcher for musicians able to play effects and loops in live concerts.

SoundPad Live is fully compatible with iTunes file sharing, as you could load any sound in it .

You can load demo sounds in your app from our site, or use any source to download or design your favorite sounds.

SoundPad Live features are:

  • Load any sound using iTunes file sharing (
  • Play one or more pad sounds simultaneously.
  • Play once or in loop.
  • Modify volume and pan of each sound.
  • Delete sounds.
  • Send sound from other applications using iOS file sharing.
  • Unlimited number of sounds.
  • Launch sounds from iOS device or from Apple Watch!
  • Stop sounds at any moment or stop all sounds with fadeoff.
  • Play sounds in background, or launch from Apple Watch when iOS app is in background.

Download demo sounds.

 Video demo of SoundPad Live.

 Keyboard player using SoundPad in Live Concert.

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